U.S. Constitutional Case Law MetaData - Jurisdiction - US (SCOTUS)


Harvard Case Law Access Project - Bulk Data Exports (MetaData): (Original .jsonl source)




https://github.com/isotopp/us_metadata (The coder for the Python3 .jsonl [JSON] loader to MariaDB server)

Coder: Isotopp on irc.libera.chat #MySQL


https://github.com/SharpenYourSword/us_metadata (Updated 13 data types for columns so no errors are generated during the full load process)


Archive.org: (Download the Full .SQL File for Import to MariaDB/MySQL Server) [1.2 GB in File size]



Instructions for importing the Archive.org .SQL file to a local or remote MariaDB/MySQL Server:

Remote: "mysql -h ipaddress -u username -p databasename < /path/.sql"

Local: "mysql -u username -p databasename < /path/.sql"






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